Starwood to Open Westin Hotel in Singapore in 2013


Starwood is a company who builds and owns a number of hotels in different countries and areas with a large variety and classes of hotels. The Starwood business has decided that they will be opening a brand new hotel with the latest and the most advanced facilities in Singapore in the year 2013. The hotel will be named Westin hotel.

The amazing fact about this hotel is that it will own the lobby on one of the top most floors of the building. As the whole, Westin Marina Bay is located in one of the major parts of the city on one of the most famous buildings. The floor count will be from 32nd to 46th floor.

The hotel is designed in a very elegant way and is a retreat for the whole city. The urban style is the unique part of the reopening of the hotel with fully furnished rooms and the beautiful architecture used in the building. Even the beautiful banquet halls are the examples of fine quality with 305 rooms. The flooring will be done from timber; while food and other services will be up to the mark.