Travel Rave 2011 Opens in Singapore


Travel Rave as the name suggests, it is one of the major events held in Asia and many other parts of the world. This time it is being organized in Singapore. It is one of those main festivals which promote tourism, and travelling of that area.

It is the whole tourism and travelling industry being the pioneers of the whole event organizing and managing and bringing the best out of it to the people there. This is basically a setup to promote tourism largely in Asia and to set stones there. The program had large significance the last time, then last year it was held. This year the tourism industry is still ready to meet the challenges and is coping with them so far.

It will be held from 17th October till 23rd October. There would be a number of events held and there will be a number of anchors hosting them. It comprises of The Asia travel Leaders’ Summit, web travel and much more. This is the event where a number of new tourism and travel related products are tested and even launched mainly for the Asia’s travel and tourism industry, so people decide and buy them, over all the whole event as it looks is a major one for this year.