Singapore Zoo Launches Chinese Mobile Interactive Trail


Managed by WRS which stands for Wildlife Reserves Singapore, the Singapore Zoo has just launched a new  technology which is being very interactive for the students.

Whenever a new sightseer comes to the zoo, the technology uses image based and location based recognition equipment to generate a completely new learning pattern for the kids at the zoo.

This new technology has been deployed by the company Neumind, whose main emphasis is on the pictorial recognition and afterward’s stimulates the words recognition, this is one of the widely held methods which are being used in China literary platforms at schools.
The basic of the technology is that the individual who would be participating in it will be given specially designed smart phones. The smart phones are loaded with pre-loaded content and when the individual moves around the park, the built in GPS will automatically be triggered showing the specific data on each zoo animal.

When an individual arrives at the specific point using the mobile, he or she then has to participate in a treasure hunt and upon finding the correct thing, rewards are given. These rewards are in the form of clips, pictures and can be anything which is being unlocked in the mobile.