Kosmopolito Hotels Appoints New President


Kosmopolito hotels have always been very progressing and have always served their customers in a top-notch manner. Recently, they have appointed a new president for their hotel who is one of the most competing persons of the society.

Ms. Chiu Wing Kwan is the new president. She is a very competing lady having a vast experience in management of the property and business development. She has a perfect know how about how to control a project and is proved to be a very good manager in project managements and as she also has the pretty good knowledge about retail businesses. She is the perfect candidate for the seat.

The last president was Mr. Bill Mok who was one of the very good presidents too. The whole scene was taken very peacefully. As the last presidents was offered a new job so he wanted to switch on it when his tenure was ended. After the end of his tenure he was bid farewell in a very warm approach. He left moving to another business. He was bid with one of the best wishes and he was even told that he will remain the member of the Kosmopolito hotels.