Ho Chi Minh City Taxi Guide Vinasun and Mai Linh Taxis

With a large number of different taxis on
the streets (many of them fake taxis) of Ho Chi Minh City, for someone new to
the country and city it’s hard to spot the fakes from the real deal.


The team here at Asia Travel Magazine
recommend only two taxi companies in Ho Chi Minh City the first being Mai Linh
Taxi’s and the second being Vinasun Taxis. In our opinion both are as good as
each other however on our last trip we noticed one of the many Vinasun taxis we
travelled in was looking a little old. But this was one out of the thousands of
Vinasun taxis on the street of Ho Chi Minh City, and I have the say the driver
was excellent.


 Mai Linh Taxi Ho Chi Minh City

Picture 1: A Mai Linh Taxi in Ho Chi Minh City

Vinasun Taxi Ho Chi Minh City

 Picture 2: A Vinasun Taxi in Ho Chi Minh City Saigon


Tips for catching a taxi in Vietnam and Ho
Chi Minh City:

  • Ensure the driver turns the meter on and does
    not try to negotiate the fare with you.
  • Only catch a quality taxi such as Vinasun or Mai Linh Taxis.
  • As you get into the Taxi take note or write down the Taxi number as well as
    details of the driver, in case you leave something behind or need to make a complaint
    or compliment.
  • Passengers need to pay for tolls (Airport, Road, Bridge, Ferry Tolls) these tolls can vary from 5,000 Dong for the Aiport toll to 10,000 for most bridge and road tolls.

We have heard reports of fake Mai Linh and
Vinasun taxis, that have extremely dark tint windows and the driver taking you
to somewhere other than your destination and demanding more money (Several
hundred thousand dong ) our tip is ensure the taxi does not have dark tinted
windows (we have never seen either of the above taxi companies with tinted
windows) also the telephone number on the side of the taxi was different from
the original number


The phone number of VinaSun and Mai Linh Taxis
in Ho Chi Minh City are:


Vinasun Taxis Ho Chi Minh City – Ph 38 27 27 27
Mai Linh Taxis Ho Chi Minh City – Ph 38 38 38 38


Note Mai Linh Taxis also operate in Vinh
Long, Can Tho:


Mai Linh Taxis Vinh Long – Ph (07) 03 92 92 92

Mai Linh Taxis Can Tho
– Ph 38 28 28 2


Mai Linh also operate taxis in other Vietnamese
Cities and towns so keep a look out for them


If you have any comments good/bad or tips about Vietnam taxis please add them below.