Air Berlin Launches Europe Pass



A pass is launched by Air Berlin for Europe which will give access to the travelers to move from Berlin and in 4 cities of Europe they can visit thirteen countries. This pass for Europe can be availed only till October 15th and the charges for this will be total US $249. These charges will also comprise the tax charges, other charges and the passengers will also be credited with a one off that would be a top bonus of 2490 miles.

This Europe pass has its validity only for flights going till October 31st, 2011. This Europe pass is a very big chance for those who fond of traveling and Europe consists of the most beautiful places that a number of tourists visit every year. For people who love shopping can visit this city Königsallee as it is the centre head for shopping. Also there are other places like Düsseldorf. Places like Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne-Bonn can be visited through city routes in Germany.

From Berlin with these Europe passes one can take other flights also like to Vienna, Stockholm, Paris and Helsinki. This airline Air Berlin is the 2nd largest airline in Germany with more than 8500 employees and also has 168 aircraft.