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AirAsia X Moves from Stansted to Gatwick


Air Asia X airlines has just moved their station from London to Gatwick Airport. The reason behind this migration is that Air Asia X wants the travelers to give the opportunity to walk the streets of London and at the same time they can explore the best museums at the price of just RM 689 and the route would be from Kuala Lumpur to London.

Those who don’t know about Air Asia X, this airline basically provides travelling at a very low cost there main purpose is to facilitate the travellers.

Those travelers who want a luxurious flying experience the Air Asia X also provides this opportunity. Travelers can have Premium bed seats and along with that they also get the privacy screen. All the premium seats are in the dimension of 20 width and stretches to up to 77 inches in full making it complete bed experience.

The other purpose of Air Asia X of shifting to Gatwick airport is to provide more available options to the travelers in terms of connectivity. Those who would be coming to London through Gatwick airport at that point there are many train stations, buses, taxies and public transport that can help the travelers to even enter in Europe and other parts of the city.

Air New Zealand Launches Paraparaumu – Auckland Flights


On 25th of October 2011, Air New Zealand has just added a new destination towards the Paraparaumu. It is going to be a direct flight between Acukland and Paraparaumu.

This would be the 27th destination that has been added by Air New Zealand and within one week there would be almost 18 return flights between Paraparaumu also called the Kapiti Coast and Auckland.

Air New Zealand won’t be directly controlling the flight routes, instead its subsidiary which is called the Air Nelson would be doing the job. Why did they launch this route? According to the General Manager of Air Nelson he says that “We Air Nelson have launched this route in order to facilitate the customers so that their time and money can be saved.”

Previously all the travelers which are living at Kapiti Coast had to make one hour drive to first reach the Wellington Airport, than they had to get on the flight causing almost 2-3 hours but now with this direct route travelers can reach to Acukland in just one hour.

Those who would be flying with Air Nelson will get the benefit of Fast Bag Service, which basically allows the user to drop the bags at the aircraft and just after the landing they can pick it up quickly.

Syna Tiger Resort Opens in India


If we go back in history, the place was a whole forest that was even called a habitat for big cats and was the most suited ground for hunting which the Maharajas used to do as their hobby. But now as the time changes, this place has been converted into one of the best resorts in Central India. Syna Tiger Resort as the name says, it describes the history itself.

It is located in Bandhavgarh national Park. The whole part of the resort stretches on 437 kilometers square surrounding the thick jungles of the tigers. The resort is designed in a very luxurious approach. There are a number of personal individual cottages at one side with all the connections and facilities available. Even a Jacuzzi is available with a big swimming pool adding to the real meaning of a resort. The main feature that should be added to this resort is the safari facilities they offer.

 The excitement gets high when a person is taken on an elephant safari ride or a jeep provided by the resort to view the beauty of forest and wild cats. It has even the space to hold marriages as the fully facilitated banquet halls are also available.

Travel Rave 2011 Opens in Singapore


Travel Rave as the name suggests, it is one of the major events held in Asia and many other parts of the world. This time it is being organized in Singapore. It is one of those main festivals which promote tourism, and travelling of that area.

It is the whole tourism and travelling industry being the pioneers of the whole event organizing and managing and bringing the best out of it to the people there. This is basically a setup to promote tourism largely in Asia and to set stones there. The program had large significance the last time, then last year it was held. This year the tourism industry is still ready to meet the challenges and is coping with them so far.

It will be held from 17th October till 23rd October. There would be a number of events held and there will be a number of anchors hosting them. It comprises of The Asia travel Leaders’ Summit, web travel and much more. This is the event where a number of new tourism and travel related products are tested and even launched mainly for the Asia’s travel and tourism industry, so people decide and buy them, over all the whole event as it looks is a major one for this year.

Kosmopolito Hotels Appoints New President


Kosmopolito hotels have always been very progressing and have always served their customers in a top-notch manner. Recently, they have appointed a new president for their hotel who is one of the most competing persons of the society.

Ms. Chiu Wing Kwan is the new president. She is a very competing lady having a vast experience in management of the property and business development. She has a perfect know how about how to control a project and is proved to be a very good manager in project managements and as she also has the pretty good knowledge about retail businesses. She is the perfect candidate for the seat.

The last president was Mr. Bill Mok who was one of the very good presidents too. The whole scene was taken very peacefully. As the last presidents was offered a new job so he wanted to switch on it when his tenure was ended. After the end of his tenure he was bid farewell in a very warm approach. He left moving to another business. He was bid with one of the best wishes and he was even told that he will remain the member of the Kosmopolito hotels.

Exclusive Italian’s Finest Calvisius Caviar At Il Cielo In October


If you are a fan of Art and at the same time love to eat then you should be attending the il Cielo, which is Singapore’s one of the top hotels because there would be Calvisius Caviar which would be exclusively coming from Italy from 8 to 15 October,2011.

On the menu would be 4 servings of Caviar with the combination of different foods and vodka. The four serving would constitute of Royal Caviar of 10g, Classic Caviar of 10g, White Caviar and the original Caviar both of them having 10g each. The degustation can accompany two individuals and price tag is $300. You can pair the original Caviar with blinis and cream known as crème fraiche, and this will surely please you as the taste would be very nice.

While others might like the combination of Ombrina fish along with any of the Caviar because the fish can easily complement any kind of Caviar. If you want to try out the white Caviar then do try it out with vodka twisted eggs, it will accompany you the best. The best one to taste are the Royal and Classic Caviar which when accompanied with prawns will make your evening delightful.

Top 5 romantic bolthose in England



There are places that were made for romance. Five places near London will surely be an ideal place for a romantic weekend getaway.

Babington House, Somerset
The Babington House opened in 1999 and had brought the country house ambience again in the mainstream. The house takes its pride on their spas and their very own cinema but you will need to book your stay months before.

The George in Rye, East Sussex
If you see for traditional atmosphere then The George in Rye is for you. The cobbled lanes and the nearby Rye Retreat Spa are the highs of the place. The food during the off peak is a big turn off though.

Le Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons, Oxfordshire
The place is a 15th century French inspired set-up. Costumers kept coming back for their sumptuous dining and the world class service. Though, the place is a bit overrated in terms of its interior designs.

Barnsley House, Cotswolds
 If you are looking for a place with a twist then you’d consider Barnsley House. It’s an inspired combination of Burlesque and boutique assembles. Their vincigrassimaceratsese baked pasta dish of parma ham, procini and truffles are the ultimate bet for costumers to keep on visiting. The hotel also has a pub that you’ll surely enjoy for a mug of malt.

The Crown Inn, Buckinghamshire

It’s one of the famous coaching inns the region. This has been featured in a Hollywood flick “The Four Weddings and a Funeral.” The old Amersham includes sweetshop that offers sherbet founatins and love hearts just perfect for a romantic weekend date. The downside of the inn is that its rooms are very prone for noise.

Top 10 cold weather active North American vacations to renew your spirit


Fall and winter seasons are the perfect
vacation that some people are highly anticipating every year. They’d definitely
trade their tight fitting schedules and non-stop ringing business phone calls
to take a break in some luxury spots.

Vacation is the time wherein you can have a
rejuvenating experience. There are three things you should bear in mind to make
sure that you will have the vacation you’re anticipating:

Avoid the peak season

Look for a convenient mode of

Choose a place that you won’t
be worrying for any sort of terrorism

Listed are the best ways to enjoy your

Yellowstone is the best place
for hiking in the early fall.

Lake Vermillion and Ely, MN in
early fall are perfect for fishing and canoeing.

Salmon fishing in fall until
October in North Vancouver is perfect.

Eldorado county is great for
hiking, biking and wine tasting.

Brandon Dunes, Pebble Beach,
Augusta National and Pinehurst are perfect for golfing during fall.

Skiing, sledding and snowboard
are just the perfect activities in Aspen, Jackson Hole and Park City during

During winter, the British
Virgin Island is ideal for scuba diving.

Fisher Island and Key West, FL
is the right place for boating and fishing in winter.

Sedona is an excellent place
for biking and hiking in both winter and fall.

The Zion National park in Utah
is splendid for the later winter.

Africa’s World Beater: The Saxon Boutique Hotel


The pillars of the tourism industry of Africa which includes the government ministers, tourism board officials and the notable CEOs attended the celebration of the best African and Indian Ocean tourism. The Saxon Boutique Hotel, Villas and Spa took the spotlight for the night. It has been on the top the ranking on tourism and has been leading the industry to its peak.

The Saxon Boutique Hotel is situated at Johannesburg, Sandhurst in Sandton. The hotel has its unique boutique inspired hotel design. The place was originally privately owned by Douw Steyn in 1990 but was converted into a public establishment later on.

The hotel features landscaped gardens to welcome the visitors. The Saxon has great choice of different suites that fits the guest’s preference. The place itself has turned out to be an exhibit since it display great collection of artifacts all over the world.     
The spa is the Saxon’s pride too. The hotel offers different kinds and ways of massages and facial treatments that comes in different packages. They also have a fitness center, hair studio and a pool where you can take a dip.

The hotel’s restaurant is well known throughout Africa for its delectable cuisines. The foods are prepared by hardworking local chefs that cook world class sumptuous meals.

ITB Asia Asks Delegates to Make a Difference


In visiting different countries, the delegates of ITB Asia will be able to provide a great hand.

Operation Smile Singapore, a special social media project has been receiving aids from Messe Berlin who is theorganizer of ITB Asia.

ITB Asia Stickman’, an orange figurine with ITB initials on it, is the main character of this undertaking. This will be available along with 499 other custom-made figurines at the annual show and its earnings will be donated to Operation Smile Singapore.

Taking pictures of the orange figurines are highly recommended. It is also encourage uploading them to ‘ITB Asia Stickman’ photoblog or email.

For every 250 photos uploaded, ITB Asia assures US$10 to Operation Smile which provides reconstructive facial surgery to homeless children and young adult. This will be funding more or less seven operations.

The idea is a product of the creative mind ofNino Gruettke, the Executive Director of ITB Asia who said, “Social media has significantly enhanced the way we share our travel experiences, stories and photos. Our travel photos not only capture memorable moments, but also celebrate local cultures, communities and inspire future generations of globetrotters,” He even added, “The success of this fund-raiser hinges on the concerted efforts of everyone who owns an ‘ITB Asia Stickman’. With close to 7,000 delegates from 60 countries expected to attend the show this year, we want to tap on their experiences and take advantage of the viral nature of social media outlets to contribute as an industry towards the fantastic work done by Operation Smile Singapore.

This special project is ongoing, and will either end after 250 photographs has been accomplished or until ITB Asia 2012.

Korean Air Moves from XP to Windows 7 Enterprise



Korean Air has moved up from using Windows XP to Windows 7 Enterprise companywide and soon to achieve 100 per cent before 2012.  The airline company has almost 19,000 employees with flight destination to 115 cities in the globe and has 400 flights daily.

Korean Air’s Information System Department has been working on enterprise resource planning solution to connect all of the offices information into the main system. The company is also exerting efforts in setting all of its financial reporting internationally recognizable.   

According to Chung Pilmoon, who is the general manager of Korean Air Information System Department, “Executives at Korean Air laid out a path for growth that will keep us in a position of leadership throughout the Asia Pacific region and points beyond. But meeting our objectives required an overhaul of our IT systems. Moving to Windows 7 provides us with the ability to deliver consistent IT standards and tools across the company without compromising our desire for greater efficiency.

Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) for Software Assurance, software which is available to customers who has Microsoft Software Assurance, is one and even the most vital part of Information System Department’s (ISD) focus.  MDOP will assist the airlines’ ISD to gain benefits in various areas including:  remote installation access in installing and updating system across the globe, strict compliance IT system, less hassle IT support, and easy and user friendly software.

Pilmoon added, “Korean Air’s deployment of Windows 7 Enterprise and MDOP is a great example of how technology can streamline internal processes and free up time for employess to focus on what’s ahead. With these technologies in place, the company will be on a trajectory toward market expansion and greater operational excellence.

Tajikistan’s Somon Air Takes Delivery of First Boeing 737-900ER


Somon Air, a Tajikistan based airline has took off its first Next Generation Boeing 737-900ER with the new Boeing Sky Interior.

Among the other Central Asian carriers, Somon Air is the first airline that has Boeing’s new interior. It is also the airlines first direct purchase of a 737.

The Chief Executive Officer of Somon Capital and also the owner of Somon Air, JamshedRahmonberdiev said that the new interior will definitely bring a new unrivaled aviation experience to their customers. He added,  “Reliability and fuel efficiency are key considerations and the 737-900ER will contribute to our financial performance as well as help us maintain out high standard s of safety in accordance with international air transportation standards.

On the other hand, Boeing teamed up with Somon Air, the U.S. Department of State’s Humanitarian Program and Project HOPE to carry medical supplies to Dushanbe, capital city of Tajikistan, as part of Boeing’s Humanitarian Delivery Flight program.  

In addition, Liz Warman who is the directis of GCC for the Northwest Region said, “Boeing, through its Global Corporate Citizenship (GCC) organization, supports humanitarian efforts around the world in partnership with non-governmental agencies and non-profits like Project HOPE. Our Humanitarian Delivery Flights program is another way we can continue leveraging our resources to help those in need.

Air Berlin Launches Europe Pass



A pass is launched by Air Berlin for Europe which will give access to the travelers to move from Berlin and in 4 cities of Europe they can visit thirteen countries. This pass for Europe can be availed only till October 15th and the charges for this will be total US $249. These charges will also comprise the tax charges, other charges and the passengers will also be credited with a one off that would be a top bonus of 2490 miles.

This Europe pass has its validity only for flights going till October 31st, 2011. This Europe pass is a very big chance for those who fond of traveling and Europe consists of the most beautiful places that a number of tourists visit every year. For people who love shopping can visit this city Königsallee as it is the centre head for shopping. Also there are other places like Düsseldorf. Places like Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne-Bonn can be visited through city routes in Germany.

From Berlin with these Europe passes one can take other flights also like to Vienna, Stockholm, Paris and Helsinki. This airline Air Berlin is the 2nd largest airline in Germany with more than 8500 employees and also has 168 aircraft.

PAL Passenger on Route to San Francisco Gives Birth In flight

On September 19th a passenger of Philippine Airlines delivered a healthy baby during the flight 747 on a route from Manila to San Francisco. With the help of three on board nurses a passenger named Aida Alamillo on a seat number of 83J. The flight was led by Francis Lloyd Lobo. Before the birth of her baby the passenger followed a proper routine of doing relaxation and deep breathing exercises.

On checking the baby’ pulses were seen normal as the boy gave a loud cry after coming out and started feeding on mother’ milk after the delivery. Also the mother stated to have minimum pain during the time of delivery. After the delivery a flight incident report was made by a flight purser describing the first responses of the baby.

Such kind of things occurs rarely on a flight but the crew is already trained to handle such immediate birth situations. As the plane landed the mother with the baby was taken to Burlingame in Mills Peninsula Hospital. The time when the flight reached San Francisco was 15:25 according to U.S. time. This is just one of the ways the Philippines Airlines take full responsibility for their every passenger in any situation.