Restaurants in Cebu


Most of the restaurants in Cebu are located in the Mactan. There are number of restaurants based there with beautiful views including the beach views. If someone wants to book a room in the hotel here or even reserves a table for lunch or dinner. This guide can prove to be very helpful.

The restaurants that are based in Mactan Island are mostly made inside the hotels, there are a very few restaurants by themselves. All of them are beautifully designed with Asian architecture.  Another benefit that you can have dinning out here is you can have a variety of delicious food to eat along with which you can move from resort to resort and get out of your own hotel and explore new and different places.

If a person wants to look for good food with a delicious taste, these restaurants are the right places you would want to go. The handful restaurants having good food and a welcoming atmosphere includes most of the restaurants of Chinese and Italian food. Those which are located near the beaches are seafood restaurants which have a wide variety of delicious fish made in a unique way. Some are just general fast food and supper food centers

Best Western signs Hotel in Boracay:


The best western hotel is located in the in Boracay in Philippines.  The best western hotel in Boracay was made and rebranded in April 2009. The hotel is located in the main area of the city. It is near the boat station 2 where all the major entertainment takes place.

This is based in the center of the city which is also known as the core of leisure and fun. One other locational advantage the best western hotel is near to the famous white sand beach, so one can have lunch or even stay to  be nearer to the main city. The best western restaurant has 50 sea view rooms.

Each room is beautifully furnished with the combination of Asian architecture and furniture. These rooms have beautiful decorated balconies and each has a heaven view. The hotel also has facilitates with beautifully furnished complete suites. With 2 and 3 bedrooms, these suites even includes lounge, dining rooms and even kitchens where one can be independent and cook for yourselves.  The reception area is connected with every suite and with vast parking areas. The place is beautiful for tourists and couple retreat who have come to enjoy.

Capricorn Resort in Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia to Rebrand:


The government of Japan and their hotel and tourism corporation have appointed the group of Yeppoon for the management of their resorts in Yeppoon in the main state of Queensland.  The resort can be easily reached with a fun journey on a ferry. You take this ferry ride for 30 minutes and have the most amazing marine journey. The ferry starts from the island of great Keppel.

The resorts are based on the costal reef of the other side of the island with the beautiful beach view.  The resorts have 281 luxurious rooms. It is 40 km from the airport and is easily accessible. They have their own transportation facilities, which pick their guests and drop them to the resort. The resort has beautiful view with spas and big clear water swimming pools, luxurious bedrooms, huge conference meeting rooms, dance floors and the perfect dishes to dine out.

The facilities provided there are perfect for a best holiday. One of the other facilities that the resort provides is the lush green golf grounds where they are facilitated with golf playing and even learning programs. Everything here will make you holiday memorable.

Hilton Chennai Honoured In Two Categories At Audi RITZ Icon Awards 2011


Hilton hotels has more than 540 hotels and resorts in the world in 78 plus countries, and these Hotels are known for their extraordinary hospitality where big Hollywood Galas, Expos, helps to close the deals and if you want to just relax these hotels are a must visit. One of the Hotels of Hilton namely Chennai Hotel was awarded by the Audi Ritz Icon for being the best hotel in presenting lifestyle and luxurious living.

This great awards ceremony was held at 25 September 2011 and the judges said that Hilton Chennai is the best hotel in terms of hospitality and luxirous lifestyle.The awards were received by the G.M of hotel and the honor was given by Yaver Dhala who is a very famous designer.

Audi RITZ Icon awards is basically award giving company in various brands and various artists, film makers, automobile professionals come together as judges, than they decide which hotel or company should receive the reward because it represents the luxurious lifestyle the company is providing.

The Hilton hotels has been known for 93 years for providing the leisure business and travel accommodations with finest services and value to the customer and their top priority is always the customer and nothing more.

Exclusive Italian’s Finest Calvisius Caviar At Il Cielo In October


If you are a fan of Art and at the same time love to eat then you should be attending the il Cielo, which is Singapore’s one of the top hotels because there would be Calvisius Caviar which would be exclusively coming from Italy from 8 to 15 October,2011.

On the menu would be 4 servings of Caviar with the combination of different foods and vodka. The four serving would constitute of Royal Caviar of 10g, Classic Caviar of 10g, White Caviar and the original Caviar both of them having 10g each. The degustation can accompany two individuals and price tag is $300. You can pair the original Caviar with blinis and cream known as crème fraiche, and this will surely please you as the taste would be very nice.

While others might like the combination of Ombrina fish along with any of the Caviar because the fish can easily complement any kind of Caviar. If you want to try out the white Caviar then do try it out with vodka twisted eggs, it will accompany you the best. The best one to taste are the Royal and Classic Caviar which when accompanied with prawns will make your evening delightful.

Top 5 romantic bolthose in England



There are places that were made for romance. Five places near London will surely be an ideal place for a romantic weekend getaway.

Babington House, Somerset
The Babington House opened in 1999 and had brought the country house ambience again in the mainstream. The house takes its pride on their spas and their very own cinema but you will need to book your stay months before.

The George in Rye, East Sussex
If you see for traditional atmosphere then The George in Rye is for you. The cobbled lanes and the nearby Rye Retreat Spa are the highs of the place. The food during the off peak is a big turn off though.

Le Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons, Oxfordshire
The place is a 15th century French inspired set-up. Costumers kept coming back for their sumptuous dining and the world class service. Though, the place is a bit overrated in terms of its interior designs.

Barnsley House, Cotswolds
 If you are looking for a place with a twist then you’d consider Barnsley House. It’s an inspired combination of Burlesque and boutique assembles. Their vincigrassimaceratsese baked pasta dish of parma ham, procini and truffles are the ultimate bet for costumers to keep on visiting. The hotel also has a pub that you’ll surely enjoy for a mug of malt.

The Crown Inn, Buckinghamshire

It’s one of the famous coaching inns the region. This has been featured in a Hollywood flick “The Four Weddings and a Funeral.” The old Amersham includes sweetshop that offers sherbet founatins and love hearts just perfect for a romantic weekend date. The downside of the inn is that its rooms are very prone for noise.

Top 10 cold weather active North American vacations to renew your spirit


Fall and winter seasons are the perfect
vacation that some people are highly anticipating every year. They’d definitely
trade their tight fitting schedules and non-stop ringing business phone calls
to take a break in some luxury spots.

Vacation is the time wherein you can have a
rejuvenating experience. There are three things you should bear in mind to make
sure that you will have the vacation you’re anticipating:

Avoid the peak season

Look for a convenient mode of

Choose a place that you won’t
be worrying for any sort of terrorism

Listed are the best ways to enjoy your

Yellowstone is the best place
for hiking in the early fall.

Lake Vermillion and Ely, MN in
early fall are perfect for fishing and canoeing.

Salmon fishing in fall until
October in North Vancouver is perfect.

Eldorado county is great for
hiking, biking and wine tasting.

Brandon Dunes, Pebble Beach,
Augusta National and Pinehurst are perfect for golfing during fall.

Skiing, sledding and snowboard
are just the perfect activities in Aspen, Jackson Hole and Park City during

During winter, the British
Virgin Island is ideal for scuba diving.

Fisher Island and Key West, FL
is the right place for boating and fishing in winter.

Sedona is an excellent place
for biking and hiking in both winter and fall.

The Zion National park in Utah
is splendid for the later winter.

3 places that every driver should visit

There are some people who find it amusing to maneuver car’s wheel. They find it relaxing to be out on the road driving all day long. Well, there are three places in the world that are perfect for a road trip.


Drivers would often like driving to a smooth asphalted road on a country side. The road to French Alps is just for you. The cinematic view on the way will definitely inspire the driver on the long trip.

If you opt for a sophisticated trip, the road to Monaco is just one of the many roads to travel while enjoying the extravagance of life.

Route 66

If the winding space-track-like roads are what you are looking but not the fast and furious set-up, Route 66 is the second place on earth you would want to enjoy you driving life.  Taking an American muscle car and drive your way across America is definitely a great idea.


If you’re seeking for a new road pack adventure and you’re simply sick of the usual highway, Africa is the right place for you. Africa is truly blessed of aesthetic scenery that can awe your eyes.

There are more to explore around the globe. There are intersecting roads, winding road and the road less traveled. It’s for you to make a decision that will truly give you a breathtaking experience on the road.

Africa’s World Beater: The Saxon Boutique Hotel


The pillars of the tourism industry of Africa which includes the government ministers, tourism board officials and the notable CEOs attended the celebration of the best African and Indian Ocean tourism. The Saxon Boutique Hotel, Villas and Spa took the spotlight for the night. It has been on the top the ranking on tourism and has been leading the industry to its peak.

The Saxon Boutique Hotel is situated at Johannesburg, Sandhurst in Sandton. The hotel has its unique boutique inspired hotel design. The place was originally privately owned by Douw Steyn in 1990 but was converted into a public establishment later on.

The hotel features landscaped gardens to welcome the visitors. The Saxon has great choice of different suites that fits the guest’s preference. The place itself has turned out to be an exhibit since it display great collection of artifacts all over the world.     
The spa is the Saxon’s pride too. The hotel offers different kinds and ways of massages and facial treatments that comes in different packages. They also have a fitness center, hair studio and a pool where you can take a dip.

The hotel’s restaurant is well known throughout Africa for its delectable cuisines. The foods are prepared by hardworking local chefs that cook world class sumptuous meals.

Singapore in the spotlight


Singapore is famous worldwide. People from all over the world have been intriguingly visiting the hotspots like Sentosa, Bintan and Langkawi. As time’s passing by, the country’s tourism rate has been increasing. More and more people are coming over to experience an exciting short-live fun-filled vacation.

There are lots of places to explore in Singapore. For movie buffs, The Universal Studios theme Park is just the place for you. It exhibits interesting displays of the mummy, Shrek 4D, etc. there are also 20 exciting theme rides you’ll surely enjoy.For art enthusiast, the Art Science Museum is a great place to be. It displays a great collection of gallery around the world.

Just recently, Louis Vuitton opened a new retail store situated at Marina Bay Sands. By 2012, Marine Life Park and River Safari will set to open. The Marine Life Park will be the largest aquarium in the world and The River Safari will depict a perfect the Nile and the Amazon environment.

Aside from the exciting places, Singapore takes it pride from its famous ice skating performances at Marina Bay Sands Grand Theatre. Another highlight is the Formula1 race events. There will also a Power Boat Race at Marina Bay organized by Formula1. The Singapore Symphony Orchestra will also have an event throughout the month of December.