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Munich Airport Sees More Flights to Asia in Winter Timetable



A new timetable has been deployed at the Munich Airport and it will be effective starting this Sunday that is 30 October 2011.

This timetable which has been scheduled would last up to 24th of March of 2012. Those airlines which are currently operating at Bavaria’s international airport according to them they have scheduled almost 150,000 flights and this level is exactly the same as of last year.

One of the interesting things of this schedule is that one of the biggest air buses will start to operate from Munich Airport and this airbus is A380 the world’s largest airbus. One of the airbuses namely A380 would be of Emirates and it will start its flight from this November dated 25th.

Before the start of Christmas, Lufthansa Air Ways will also be operating Airbus A380 starting from 6-12th of December 2011 and the time would be 11:45 am according to the winter schedule. This is done only to facilitate the increasing demand of travelers.

Starting from the end of this month that is 31st of October, Lufthansa Airways will also extend its route from Riyadh to Jeddah and the airbus which will be used is A340 which is much bigger than A320 airbus and it will accommodate the travelers according to Lufthansa.

Cebu Pacific Launches Online Check-In Service


Recently Cebu Pacific has just launched a new feature. The new feature is actually the Check in Service which is online.
Through this service, an individual can also select a seat free of cost. This service is enabled because company is expecting a huge traffic of travelers in the month of November and December of 2011.

To meet with the increasing demand, Cebu Pacific has also increased the seating capacity of each air bus plus at the same time numbers of flights are also increased.

According to the Vice president of Marketing “Any passenger can check- in online starting from 2 days or 48 hours up to four hours before the flight and they can also get a free seat assigned which can be manually chosen or the system specifies the seat for individual.

Those passengers which are on the international flight and still they did not have done any check in baggage, these travelers have to go to web check in counter so that there papers can be confirmed and it should be done at least 45 minutes before the departure time.

At the moment, CEB is currently operating 10 A319 Airbuses along with seventeen A320 airbuses and a total of eight ATR-72 buses.

AirAsia X Moves from Stansted to Gatwick


Air Asia X airlines has just moved their station from London to Gatwick Airport. The reason behind this migration is that Air Asia X wants the travelers to give the opportunity to walk the streets of London and at the same time they can explore the best museums at the price of just RM 689 and the route would be from Kuala Lumpur to London.

Those who don’t know about Air Asia X, this airline basically provides travelling at a very low cost there main purpose is to facilitate the travellers.

Those travelers who want a luxurious flying experience the Air Asia X also provides this opportunity. Travelers can have Premium bed seats and along with that they also get the privacy screen. All the premium seats are in the dimension of 20 width and stretches to up to 77 inches in full making it complete bed experience.

The other purpose of Air Asia X of shifting to Gatwick airport is to provide more available options to the travelers in terms of connectivity. Those who would be coming to London through Gatwick airport at that point there are many train stations, buses, taxies and public transport that can help the travelers to even enter in Europe and other parts of the city.

Air New Zealand Launches Paraparaumu – Auckland Flights


On 25th of October 2011, Air New Zealand has just added a new destination towards the Paraparaumu. It is going to be a direct flight between Acukland and Paraparaumu.

This would be the 27th destination that has been added by Air New Zealand and within one week there would be almost 18 return flights between Paraparaumu also called the Kapiti Coast and Auckland.

Air New Zealand won’t be directly controlling the flight routes, instead its subsidiary which is called the Air Nelson would be doing the job. Why did they launch this route? According to the General Manager of Air Nelson he says that “We Air Nelson have launched this route in order to facilitate the customers so that their time and money can be saved.”

Previously all the travelers which are living at Kapiti Coast had to make one hour drive to first reach the Wellington Airport, than they had to get on the flight causing almost 2-3 hours but now with this direct route travelers can reach to Acukland in just one hour.

Those who would be flying with Air Nelson will get the benefit of Fast Bag Service, which basically allows the user to drop the bags at the aircraft and just after the landing they can pick it up quickly.

Singapore Zoo Launches Chinese Mobile Interactive Trail


Managed by WRS which stands for Wildlife Reserves Singapore, the Singapore Zoo has just launched a new  technology which is being very interactive for the students.

Whenever a new sightseer comes to the zoo, the technology uses image based and location based recognition equipment to generate a completely new learning pattern for the kids at the zoo.

This new technology has been deployed by the company Neumind, whose main emphasis is on the pictorial recognition and afterward’s stimulates the words recognition, this is one of the widely held methods which are being used in China literary platforms at schools.
The basic of the technology is that the individual who would be participating in it will be given specially designed smart phones. The smart phones are loaded with pre-loaded content and when the individual moves around the park, the built in GPS will automatically be triggered showing the specific data on each zoo animal.

When an individual arrives at the specific point using the mobile, he or she then has to participate in a treasure hunt and upon finding the correct thing, rewards are given. These rewards are in the form of clips, pictures and can be anything which is being unlocked in the mobile.  

Syna Tiger Resort Opens in India


If we go back in history, the place was a whole forest that was even called a habitat for big cats and was the most suited ground for hunting which the Maharajas used to do as their hobby. But now as the time changes, this place has been converted into one of the best resorts in Central India. Syna Tiger Resort as the name says, it describes the history itself.

It is located in Bandhavgarh national Park. The whole part of the resort stretches on 437 kilometers square surrounding the thick jungles of the tigers. The resort is designed in a very luxurious approach. There are a number of personal individual cottages at one side with all the connections and facilities available. Even a Jacuzzi is available with a big swimming pool adding to the real meaning of a resort. The main feature that should be added to this resort is the safari facilities they offer.

 The excitement gets high when a person is taken on an elephant safari ride or a jeep provided by the resort to view the beauty of forest and wild cats. It has even the space to hold marriages as the fully facilitated banquet halls are also available.

Travel Rave 2011 Opens in Singapore


Travel Rave as the name suggests, it is one of the major events held in Asia and many other parts of the world. This time it is being organized in Singapore. It is one of those main festivals which promote tourism, and travelling of that area.

It is the whole tourism and travelling industry being the pioneers of the whole event organizing and managing and bringing the best out of it to the people there. This is basically a setup to promote tourism largely in Asia and to set stones there. The program had large significance the last time, then last year it was held. This year the tourism industry is still ready to meet the challenges and is coping with them so far.

It will be held from 17th October till 23rd October. There would be a number of events held and there will be a number of anchors hosting them. It comprises of The Asia travel Leaders’ Summit, web travel and much more. This is the event where a number of new tourism and travel related products are tested and even launched mainly for the Asia’s travel and tourism industry, so people decide and buy them, over all the whole event as it looks is a major one for this year.

Kosmopolito Hotels Appoints New President


Kosmopolito hotels have always been very progressing and have always served their customers in a top-notch manner. Recently, they have appointed a new president for their hotel who is one of the most competing persons of the society.

Ms. Chiu Wing Kwan is the new president. She is a very competing lady having a vast experience in management of the property and business development. She has a perfect know how about how to control a project and is proved to be a very good manager in project managements and as she also has the pretty good knowledge about retail businesses. She is the perfect candidate for the seat.

The last president was Mr. Bill Mok who was one of the very good presidents too. The whole scene was taken very peacefully. As the last presidents was offered a new job so he wanted to switch on it when his tenure was ended. After the end of his tenure he was bid farewell in a very warm approach. He left moving to another business. He was bid with one of the best wishes and he was even told that he will remain the member of the Kosmopolito hotels.

The Ritz-Carlton, Riyadh to Open 24 October 2011


Ritz-Carlton is one of the latest hot news for Riyadh. There will be a grand opening of the hotel called Ritz-Carlton on 24th of October 2011.  It is one the latest retreats for the people living in Riyadh and is being built on an international level. The location of the hotel suits many main places like the major King Abdul Aziz Convention center and is just near to the diplomatic enclave.

The hotel is based on a large area with lush green gardens and a beautiful landscape with those eye catchy views throughout the whole place. The entrance till the reception is beautifully decorated with fountains and plantation gives it a rich and natural look. The whole hotel is designed on Arabic royal traditions. The Architecture is elegant sober yet rich in beauty and traditional look.

As soon as the guests enter the premises, they get to know that they have entered a place full of royalty and beautifulness. The hotel is based on 493 rooms with a full design of the Arabic heritage and presenting Arabic culture. This is built on an international level which is in competition of the other top hotels of this level even in the city Centre.

Starwood to Open Westin Hotel in Singapore in 2013


Starwood is a company who builds and owns a number of hotels in different countries and areas with a large variety and classes of hotels. The Starwood business has decided that they will be opening a brand new hotel with the latest and the most advanced facilities in Singapore in the year 2013. The hotel will be named Westin hotel.

The amazing fact about this hotel is that it will own the lobby on one of the top most floors of the building. As the whole, Westin Marina Bay is located in one of the major parts of the city on one of the most famous buildings. The floor count will be from 32nd to 46th floor.

The hotel is designed in a very elegant way and is a retreat for the whole city. The urban style is the unique part of the reopening of the hotel with fully furnished rooms and the beautiful architecture used in the building. Even the beautiful banquet halls are the examples of fine quality with 305 rooms. The flooring will be done from timber; while food and other services will be up to the mark.

Restaurants in Cebu


Most of the restaurants in Cebu are located in the Mactan. There are number of restaurants based there with beautiful views including the beach views. If someone wants to book a room in the hotel here or even reserves a table for lunch or dinner. This guide can prove to be very helpful.

The restaurants that are based in Mactan Island are mostly made inside the hotels, there are a very few restaurants by themselves. All of them are beautifully designed with Asian architecture.  Another benefit that you can have dinning out here is you can have a variety of delicious food to eat along with which you can move from resort to resort and get out of your own hotel and explore new and different places.

If a person wants to look for good food with a delicious taste, these restaurants are the right places you would want to go. The handful restaurants having good food and a welcoming atmosphere includes most of the restaurants of Chinese and Italian food. Those which are located near the beaches are seafood restaurants which have a wide variety of delicious fish made in a unique way. Some are just general fast food and supper food centers

Best Western signs Hotel in Boracay:


The best western hotel is located in the in Boracay in Philippines.  The best western hotel in Boracay was made and rebranded in April 2009. The hotel is located in the main area of the city. It is near the boat station 2 where all the major entertainment takes place.

This is based in the center of the city which is also known as the core of leisure and fun. One other locational advantage the best western hotel is near to the famous white sand beach, so one can have lunch or even stay to  be nearer to the main city. The best western restaurant has 50 sea view rooms.

Each room is beautifully furnished with the combination of Asian architecture and furniture. These rooms have beautiful decorated balconies and each has a heaven view. The hotel also has facilitates with beautifully furnished complete suites. With 2 and 3 bedrooms, these suites even includes lounge, dining rooms and even kitchens where one can be independent and cook for yourselves.  The reception area is connected with every suite and with vast parking areas. The place is beautiful for tourists and couple retreat who have come to enjoy.

Capricorn Resort in Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia to Rebrand:


The government of Japan and their hotel and tourism corporation have appointed the group of Yeppoon for the management of their resorts in Yeppoon in the main state of Queensland.  The resort can be easily reached with a fun journey on a ferry. You take this ferry ride for 30 minutes and have the most amazing marine journey. The ferry starts from the island of great Keppel.

The resorts are based on the costal reef of the other side of the island with the beautiful beach view.  The resorts have 281 luxurious rooms. It is 40 km from the airport and is easily accessible. They have their own transportation facilities, which pick their guests and drop them to the resort. The resort has beautiful view with spas and big clear water swimming pools, luxurious bedrooms, huge conference meeting rooms, dance floors and the perfect dishes to dine out.

The facilities provided there are perfect for a best holiday. One of the other facilities that the resort provides is the lush green golf grounds where they are facilitated with golf playing and even learning programs. Everything here will make you holiday memorable.

Hilton Chennai Honoured In Two Categories At Audi RITZ Icon Awards 2011


Hilton hotels has more than 540 hotels and resorts in the world in 78 plus countries, and these Hotels are known for their extraordinary hospitality where big Hollywood Galas, Expos, helps to close the deals and if you want to just relax these hotels are a must visit. One of the Hotels of Hilton namely Chennai Hotel was awarded by the Audi Ritz Icon for being the best hotel in presenting lifestyle and luxurious living.

This great awards ceremony was held at 25 September 2011 and the judges said that Hilton Chennai is the best hotel in terms of hospitality and luxirous lifestyle.The awards were received by the G.M of hotel and the honor was given by Yaver Dhala who is a very famous designer.

Audi RITZ Icon awards is basically award giving company in various brands and various artists, film makers, automobile professionals come together as judges, than they decide which hotel or company should receive the reward because it represents the luxurious lifestyle the company is providing.

The Hilton hotels has been known for 93 years for providing the leisure business and travel accommodations with finest services and value to the customer and their top priority is always the customer and nothing more.

Exclusive Italian’s Finest Calvisius Caviar At Il Cielo In October


If you are a fan of Art and at the same time love to eat then you should be attending the il Cielo, which is Singapore’s one of the top hotels because there would be Calvisius Caviar which would be exclusively coming from Italy from 8 to 15 October,2011.

On the menu would be 4 servings of Caviar with the combination of different foods and vodka. The four serving would constitute of Royal Caviar of 10g, Classic Caviar of 10g, White Caviar and the original Caviar both of them having 10g each. The degustation can accompany two individuals and price tag is $300. You can pair the original Caviar with blinis and cream known as crème fraiche, and this will surely please you as the taste would be very nice.

While others might like the combination of Ombrina fish along with any of the Caviar because the fish can easily complement any kind of Caviar. If you want to try out the white Caviar then do try it out with vodka twisted eggs, it will accompany you the best. The best one to taste are the Royal and Classic Caviar which when accompanied with prawns will make your evening delightful.