Syna Tiger Resort Opens in India


If we go back in history, the place was a whole forest that was even called a habitat for big cats and was the most suited ground for hunting which the Maharajas used to do as their hobby. But now as the time changes, this place has been converted into one of the best resorts in Central India. Syna Tiger Resort as the name says, it describes the history itself.

It is located in Bandhavgarh national Park. The whole part of the resort stretches on 437 kilometers square surrounding the thick jungles of the tigers. The resort is designed in a very luxurious approach. There are a number of personal individual cottages at one side with all the connections and facilities available. Even a Jacuzzi is available with a big swimming pool adding to the real meaning of a resort. The main feature that should be added to this resort is the safari facilities they offer.

 The excitement gets high when a person is taken on an elephant safari ride or a jeep provided by the resort to view the beauty of forest and wild cats. It has even the space to hold marriages as the fully facilitated banquet halls are also available.

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