Singapore in the spotlight


Singapore is famous worldwide. People from all over the world have been intriguingly visiting the hotspots like Sentosa, Bintan and Langkawi. As time’s passing by, the country’s tourism rate has been increasing. More and more people are coming over to experience an exciting short-live fun-filled vacation.

There are lots of places to explore in Singapore. For movie buffs, The Universal Studios theme Park is just the place for you. It exhibits interesting displays of the mummy, Shrek 4D, etc. there are also 20 exciting theme rides you’ll surely enjoy.For art enthusiast, the Art Science Museum is a great place to be. It displays a great collection of gallery around the world.

Just recently, Louis Vuitton opened a new retail store situated at Marina Bay Sands. By 2012, Marine Life Park and River Safari will set to open. The Marine Life Park will be the largest aquarium in the world and The River Safari will depict a perfect the Nile and the Amazon environment.

Aside from the exciting places, Singapore takes it pride from its famous ice skating performances at Marina Bay Sands Grand Theatre. Another highlight is the Formula1 race events. There will also a Power Boat Race at Marina Bay organized by Formula1. The Singapore Symphony Orchestra will also have an event throughout the month of December.

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