Munich Airport Sees More Flights to Asia in Winter Timetable



A new timetable has been deployed at the Munich Airport and it will be effective starting this Sunday that is 30 October 2011.

This timetable which has been scheduled would last up to 24th of March of 2012. Those airlines which are currently operating at Bavaria’s international airport according to them they have scheduled almost 150,000 flights and this level is exactly the same as of last year.

One of the interesting things of this schedule is that one of the biggest air buses will start to operate from Munich Airport and this airbus is A380 the world’s largest airbus. One of the airbuses namely A380 would be of Emirates and it will start its flight from this November dated 25th.

Before the start of Christmas, Lufthansa Air Ways will also be operating Airbus A380 starting from 6-12th of December 2011 and the time would be 11:45 am according to the winter schedule. This is done only to facilitate the increasing demand of travelers.

Starting from the end of this month that is 31st of October, Lufthansa Airways will also extend its route from Riyadh to Jeddah and the airbus which will be used is A340 which is much bigger than A320 airbus and it will accommodate the travelers according to Lufthansa.

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