Hilton Chennai Honoured In Two Categories At Audi RITZ Icon Awards 2011


Hilton hotels has more than 540 hotels and resorts in the world in 78 plus countries, and these Hotels are known for their extraordinary hospitality where big Hollywood Galas, Expos, helps to close the deals and if you want to just relax these hotels are a must visit. One of the Hotels of Hilton namely Chennai Hotel was awarded by the Audi Ritz Icon for being the best hotel in presenting lifestyle and luxurious living.

This great awards ceremony was held at 25 September 2011 and the judges said that Hilton Chennai is the best hotel in terms of hospitality and luxirous lifestyle.The awards were received by the G.M of hotel and the honor was given by Yaver Dhala who is a very famous designer.

Audi RITZ Icon awards is basically award giving company in various brands and various artists, film makers, automobile professionals come together as judges, than they decide which hotel or company should receive the reward because it represents the luxurious lifestyle the company is providing.

The Hilton hotels has been known for 93 years for providing the leisure business and travel accommodations with finest services and value to the customer and their top priority is always the customer and nothing more.

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