Exclusive Italian’s Finest Calvisius Caviar At Il Cielo In October


If you are a fan of Art and at the same time love to eat then you should be attending the il Cielo, which is Singapore’s one of the top hotels because there would be Calvisius Caviar which would be exclusively coming from Italy from 8 to 15 October,2011.

On the menu would be 4 servings of Caviar with the combination of different foods and vodka. The four serving would constitute of Royal Caviar of 10g, Classic Caviar of 10g, White Caviar and the original Caviar both of them having 10g each. The degustation can accompany two individuals and price tag is $300. You can pair the original Caviar with blinis and cream known as crème fraiche, and this will surely please you as the taste would be very nice.

While others might like the combination of Ombrina fish along with any of the Caviar because the fish can easily complement any kind of Caviar. If you want to try out the white Caviar then do try it out with vodka twisted eggs, it will accompany you the best. The best one to taste are the Royal and Classic Caviar which when accompanied with prawns will make your evening delightful.

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