Cathay Pacific Clarifies 18 September Incident



A loss of separation event that happened between two flights, CX841 of CathayPacific Airways from New York and KA433 of Dragonair from Kaoshiung last September 18, 2011, about 1:13 in the afternoon, has already been established.

There was no risk of collision for the aircraft involved, said by the spokesperson of Cathay Pacific Airways.

The unfavorable weather condition during that afternoon in Hong Kong led the Air Traffic Control (ATC) of Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) to provide caution to all incoming flights that they may experience some delays. Air traffic has already been given instructions to hold 40 nautical miles southwest of Hong Kong international airport and to limit to narrow tracks to stay clear from the harmful weather when landing in HKIA.

When the loss of separation took place, flights CX841 and KA433 were at equal altitude southwest of HKIA. According to Cathay, the pilots of the said flights responded accordingly to their own traffic collision avoidance systems (TCAS) cautions and information. To quickly resolve the problem and uphold the proper separation, flight CX841 descended while flight ka433 ascended.

Both flights were able to land safely. FlightCX841 of Cathay Pacific Airway arrived 14 minutes earlier than flight ka433 of Dragonair.

CX841 left New York with 18 crews and 299 passengers on board, at 10:07 local time on Sep 17tharrived HKIA without delays at 1:45, 18th of September.

KA433 left Kaoshiung with 12 crews and 284 passengers at 11:22 local time, 18th of September and arrived at 1:59 in HKIA.

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