AirAsia X Moves from Stansted to Gatwick


Air Asia X airlines has just moved their station from London to Gatwick Airport. The reason behind this migration is that Air Asia X wants the travelers to give the opportunity to walk the streets of London and at the same time they can explore the best museums at the price of just RM 689 and the route would be from Kuala Lumpur to London.

Those who don’t know about Air Asia X, this airline basically provides travelling at a very low cost there main purpose is to facilitate the travellers.

Those travelers who want a luxurious flying experience the Air Asia X also provides this opportunity. Travelers can have Premium bed seats and along with that they also get the privacy screen. All the premium seats are in the dimension of 20 width and stretches to up to 77 inches in full making it complete bed experience.

The other purpose of Air Asia X of shifting to Gatwick airport is to provide more available options to the travelers in terms of connectivity. Those who would be coming to London through Gatwick airport at that point there are many train stations, buses, taxies and public transport that can help the travelers to even enter in Europe and other parts of the city.

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