Air New Zealand Launches Paraparaumu – Auckland Flights


On 25th of October 2011, Air New Zealand has just added a new destination towards the Paraparaumu. It is going to be a direct flight between Acukland and Paraparaumu.

This would be the 27th destination that has been added by Air New Zealand and within one week there would be almost 18 return flights between Paraparaumu also called the Kapiti Coast and Auckland.

Air New Zealand won’t be directly controlling the flight routes, instead its subsidiary which is called the Air Nelson would be doing the job. Why did they launch this route? According to the General Manager of Air Nelson he says that “We Air Nelson have launched this route in order to facilitate the customers so that their time and money can be saved.”

Previously all the travelers which are living at Kapiti Coast had to make one hour drive to first reach the Wellington Airport, than they had to get on the flight causing almost 2-3 hours but now with this direct route travelers can reach to Acukland in just one hour.

Those who would be flying with Air Nelson will get the benefit of Fast Bag Service, which basically allows the user to drop the bags at the aircraft and just after the landing they can pick it up quickly.

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