US, UK and Japan Named Top Travel Destinations in New Survey


During a recent voting the three nations i.e. United Kingdom, United States and Japan got the maximum number of votes. Globally these are the most favorite destinations voted by 11,620 people from 23 nations in response. Not just nations but people from many territories have given the same response in a global survey of 2011.The 20% of people who took the survey said that they want to visit United States again within two years.

United kingdom was the second in the survey with 19%of the people’ response for visiting nations and Japan received 16% of respondents and both Italy. It is because of the diversity in culture, scenery and the places which are best for people out for their holidays. People are going to visit UK because of some sporting event. More the coming London Olympic games in 2012 could also be the reason for tourists to visit again. The third is the Japan which is the center of attraction due to the tsunami which occurred and thus it aroused the emotions of travelers. The other factors include the view, location, weather, new places and good deals why these nations are at the top.

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