Ticket Sales for Rugby World Cup, Overwhelming

 Rugby World Cup

In the confirmation that Rugby New Zealand has given, it is
indeed true that the ticket sales for the Rugby World Cup surged. This just
goes to show of the excitement of the people as the said event is about to be

It was on Friday that the 7th Rugby World Cup was
officially opened where there had been cool parties and even fireworks display.
The said opening took place at Eden Park where right after, a match between New
Zealand and Tonga kicked off. It was Tonga who brought the bacon home with a
score of 41-10.

According to the Chief Operating Officer of Rugby New
Zealand 2011, Therese Walsh, the sales they are in view of per day goes almost
NZ$1m. She also said that the expectation for the sales to improve more is
clear enough which just goes to prove that a lot of New Zealanders want to
witness the game.

Over 1.2 million tickets have already been sold by the
organizers with the revenue of NZ$249m. Target will be reached once the
NZ$19.5m that’s left gets sold out as well.

There’s sure to be a good hit on the ticket sales for this
event to knock off the crowd on the ringside and there could even be that
probability for the demand for tickets to increase.