Spice Roads Launches Hoi an – Siem Reap Cycle Tours



 A bicycle tour for multi countries is launched by Spice Roads Tours to Siem Reap from Hoi An and this will be in 3 best heritage sites in the world. In fourteen days around seven hundred kilometers would be covered. It has been scheduled on January 8, 2012.

It will be initiated from the town Hoi An in Vietnam and will gradually cover the highlands in the center  till the old border  at Le Thanh and then to Rattanakiri which is less populated  and finally the tour will end up at Cambodia in Siem Reap at the complex of Angkor Temple. “The cyclists will not only experience a tour but will also go on exploring the culture as well as the landscape of the countries side by side and also the historical attractions like My son”.

The cyclists will ride among the tribes of Bhanar and Jarai which comes in the central highlands. These tribes have preserved their traditional ways and follow their ethics. The cyclists will visit Pleiku on the fifth day of tour where they will find the best coffee. They will see the mountains covered with tea and coffee. Simultaneously they will visit the other points one by one during this tour.

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