PAL Passenger on Route to San Francisco Gives Birth In flight

On September 19th a passenger of Philippine Airlines delivered a healthy baby during the flight 747 on a route from Manila to San Francisco. With the help of three on board nurses a passenger named Aida Alamillo on a seat number of 83J. The flight was led by Francis Lloyd Lobo. Before the birth of her baby the passenger followed a proper routine of doing relaxation and deep breathing exercises.

On checking the baby’ pulses were seen normal as the boy gave a loud cry after coming out and started feeding on mother’ milk after the delivery. Also the mother stated to have minimum pain during the time of delivery. After the delivery a flight incident report was made by a flight purser describing the first responses of the baby.

Such kind of things occurs rarely on a flight but the crew is already trained to handle such immediate birth situations. As the plane landed the mother with the baby was taken to Burlingame in Mills Peninsula Hospital. The time when the flight reached San Francisco was 15:25 according to U.S. time. This is just one of the ways the Philippines Airlines take full responsibility for their every passenger in any situation.

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