Accor Survey: Singapore and Hong Kong Are the Top 2 Asia Pacific Business Destinations

Singapore 2011 Top business travel destination

According to the Asia-Pacific
Business Traveller Survey conducted by Accor and Cimigo, Singapore and Hong
Kong are the top two business destinations in the region. This was the result
gathered from 10,437 respondents from the following countries: China, Hong
Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Australia, and New Zealand.

 Accor-Asia Pacific representative
Evan Lewis said that their survey results had business travellers saying that
they expect Singapore will remain as the top travel destination for business
throughout Q2 2011. This only further cements Singapore’s position as the
number 1 business hub for the whole Asia Pacific region.

Lewis also shared that the survey
showed Hong Kong as a top business destination because it serves as the entry
point to China. Singapore’s popularity, on the other hand, is attributed to its
advantage and usage as the gateway to the rest of South East Asia.

Accors survey also covered
business travellers’ budget allocation for accommodation, preferred booking
methods for hotel accommodation, and average number of business trips taken by
business travellers from January to June of 2011.