Saigon Cafes – Our Guide to Cafes in Saigon Vietnam

Whether you are into Coffee, Tea,
Cocktails or Beer the Saigon’s cafes are in abundance and offer a unique
experience for any visitor to Vietnam


All cities have defining characteristics
and for me Saigon’s has its motorbikes, great food and restaurants, and
hundreds if not thousands of great Cafes. 


The number and variety of cafes
in Saigon is staggering, from the side of road plastic chair and table café
thru to high class cafes masterpieces of art designed to look like a Garden of
Eden, complete with flowing waterfalls, fish ponds and trees.


Some of the most amazing cafes I
have visited in Saigon have been tucked away in the back streets of Saigon’s
many districts. But don’t let stop you, as they are well worth a visit.


Saigon Café Themes


On Entry to many of Saigon’s
cafés you are normally greeted by with loud music, and walls filled with large
LCD screens, featuring the latest Hollywood blockbusters and football matches from
around Europe. However if you are after a quieter place to just talk, most offer
an indoor or outdoor area where the music is at a reasonable level in which you
can simply relax with your friends over a café sua da or Tra


Top drinks to try in a Saigon Café include:


Café Sua Da
(Vietnamese Iced Coffee with milk) Pronounced Café So da


 Cafe Sua Da at a Saigon Cafe

Picture 1: The famous Cafe Sua Da (Vietnamese Iced Coffee)

Fresh Vietnamese
Coffee filtered thru a stainless steel Vietnamese coffee filter, over condensed
milk, once all the coffee has dripped onto the condensed milk, stir and then
pour into the supplied glass of ice.


If the café you go to has an
English menu beware ordering simply an iced coffee as you will most like be
given a Café Da as above


Café Da (Black
Vietnamese Iced coffee no milk)


Cafe Da is served in a similar
way to Cafe Sua Da above with the exclusion of condensed milk, and the addition
of sugar. Cafe Da is very strong, which I suspect is why it is usually served
with a bowl of sugar, so that you can add sugar to taste.   


Tra (Green
Tea) Pronounced Char


All Vietnamese cafes will serve complimentary
hot or cold green tea, so this is normally a cheap option,


Drink (sa pô chê )

Soda water
with fresh Lime and Ice & Sugar (Soda Canh)

Coconut milk either in coconut or glass (Nuoc Dua)

Sweet Salty
plumb drink (Xi muoi) pronounced Se Mooe


Most cafes in Vietnam also serve
a wide selection of Vietnamese & Western food, as well as alcoholic


Our Favourite
cafés in Saigon Vietnam


Windows 4 Café


This is perhaps one of Saigon’s
trendiest cafes, here the music plays hard and loud, with prices nearly as high, I paid 70,000 dong (about US $4.50) however it is a great


Windows is located opposite the
entry to reunification palace


 Windows Garden Café


Windows Garden Café is part of the
same chain/franchise as Windows café above and is very similar, except it
follows a garden theme, and prices here are a little cheaper, but still very expensive for Vietnam.


43 Nguyn Đình Chiu, Q.1 Saigon


Mien dong thao Café


 Mieng Dong Thao Saigon Cafe Vietnam

Picture 2: My personal Favoriate “Mieng Dong Thao Cafe”


Mieng Dong thao Café is one of my
personal favourites, the setting is absolutely stunning, designed around a garden & water theme. Mien dong thao café is located, in Phu Nhuan district, which is
about 15 minutes from District 1. Very much worth a visit, however this is one of those cafes hidden way in several back streets.


221A Nguyn Trng Tuyn, Phưng 8, Qun Phú Nhun 
Telephone: +84 8 38451357


Napoli café


Located in District 1 Napoli Café
is a fairly central café and a popular one at that. Not a trendy or expensive
as Windows 4 Café but never the less popular. Like so many cafe’s in Saigon  Napoli Cafe has free wifi Internet access
available for its patrons.


7 Pham Ngoc Thach


Café Soi Da


Soi Da located in District 3 is not too far from District 1 in Saigon and is
another. Prices here are much lower than cafes such Windows Cafe, and much more
peaceful live traditional and western style music most nights.


6B Thoi Nhiem, P.7, District 3, Saigon


Coi Rieng


At Coi
Rieng you won’t find blaring techno music as found it most other cafes, the entertainment
here is normally live piano and violin music.


in Tan Binh district Coi Rieng is a little out of the way for the average
tourist, but if you have the time and want a little relaxing morning over
breakfast & coffee then Coi Rieng is worth the trip.


334A Nguyen Trong Tuyen, Ward 2, Tan Binh
District, Saigon +84 8 8445992


La Fenetre Soliel


La Fenetre Soliel is a quaint
French inspired cafe in the heart of Saigon’s business and tourist district.
With high ceilings, comfy furniture and relaxing music, its easy to see why La
Fenetre Soliel is a favourite with many visitors


135 Le Thanh Ton, District 1. Telephone: +84 8
822 5209


Café Song Me


Yet another one of Saigon’s water
& garden themed cafes which are extremely popular, Cafe Song Me is also a
little out of the way but if you have the time why not give them a try.


125/2 Hoa Hung, District 10. Telephone: +84 8
865 2075.


A word
of warning don’t be fooled thinking a cafe experience in Vietnam won’t cost you
much! Some of the high end cafés charge thru the roof. Rivalling what you might
pay in a trendy western café back home. This however is not always the case.


Asia Travel Magazine loves comments! So why not tell us about your Saigon or Vietnam cafe experiences. Maybe you been to one of the cafes above and want to provide additional info or maybe I have left your personal fave off the list. Let us know!